Healing Minds,
Improving Lives.

We equip families and communities

with knowledge, skills and resources that will serve as a blueprint for their personal and professional growth and stability.


CARF accreditation signals a service provider's commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Providers that meet CARF’s standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best available.


Individual & Family



About us

Our vision is to make
mental health treatment
more acceptable and
more accessible.

For over 25 years, our team has worked to positively impact Baltimore City and surrounding counties by playing active roles in the development and support of several community programs and initiatives. Over this time, our team has developed and managed schools and after school programs, trained and enhanced the community’s knowledge of healthcare services, taught and consulted in Baltimore City Public Schools, and assisted community members through the facilitation of various rehabilitation programs. These experiences have allowed us to gain a personal and professional understanding of what our consumers are facing and relate to community members from a variety of backgrounds, demographics and economic situations. Our work has helped us to recognize that mental health and well-being must be given the proper attention and dedicated services we are proud to offer.

Who we are

Our Purpose is to build communities from the inside out.

Our experience with and attention to the needs of community members and stakeholders is what sets us apart. Author, poet and psychologist Bonaro Overstreet said “We are not only our brother’s keeper; in countless large and small ways, we are our brother’s maker.” Understanding that we have to be more than just ‘our brother’s keeper’ has motivated us to empower people with the tools and support they need to make themselves better. It’s this passion and commitment to helping individuals and families heal themselves that drives us to deliver care, treatment and consistent support to the communities we serve.

Our community


Serve as benchmarks for success

We provide skills and resources that will serve as a blueprint for
their personal and professional growth and stability

We offer the best in service and treatment.

We are committed to the families, schools and communities we serve.

Our passion and care for our community extends into consistent, quality service.

We believe that partnership is the best way to ensure access to the best resources.

We hold ourselves responsible and want to be held responsible for positively impacting the community.

Community and Therapeutic services

We offer the following to communities and families

We make mental health treatment more acceptable and more accessible in the communities in which we serve. We offer the best quality in service and treatment.

Above It All’s team of licensed clinical therapists work one-on-one with youth and adults to assess, diagnose and treat individuals in need. Treatment is offered in a safe and confidential way to ensure the best possible care.

Therapeutic Mentoring is called PRP which stands for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. This service is therapeutic because we work collaboratively with therapists on existing diagnoses. In order to receive PRP services, a referral must be made by a licensed therapist/psychiatrist. Following a referral, a Direct Care Counselor is assigned and an Individual Rehabilitation Plan is developed with the individual and family. Visits are held in the individuals’ home, at our office and in the community.

Direct Care Counselors meet with individuals at least once per week:

  • Youth at least four (4) times per month
  • Adults at least six (6) times per month

Above It All’s companion program R.I.S.E. (Recovery – Independence – Success – Evolution) offers counseling and treatment for youth and adults who are recovering from or actively using drugs and/or alcohol. Licensed clinicians work with individuals to help them understand their addiction problems and how those struggles can lead to emotional challenges or behavioral issues. The R.I.S.E team then assists in developing a treatment plan catered to their specific needs.

Above It All offers interactive in-person or virtual seminars for youth, parents and staff. Youth workshops teach personal values, decision-making, life skills and more. Parent meetings offer information on mental health, managing behavior, improving communication and more. Staff trainings range from Intro to Mental Health Awareness to Crisis Prevention Institute Training (complete w/ certification).

Designated partnerships with Magic Minds for aftercare, summer camp and tutoring opportunities and B. Well Mind and Body for yoga, meditation and wellness services help strengthen our vision for wholistic support in addition to access to additional networks and resources.

Employment opportunities

Join The AIA Team

At AIA, you won't just find a career, you'll find an environment that promotes growth and
knowledge while allowing you to impact lives in the community.

Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehabilitation Specialists will be a key contributor within our interdisciplinary team.

Direct Care Counselors

Direct Care Counselors assist clients with entitlements, mental health services and coordination of care.

Mental Health Therapist

Provide individual, family and group therapy, orientation, assessments and treatment plans.


In Need Of Our Mental Health Services?

Seeking help early for a mental health issue can make a big difference. Fill out the form below to request behavioral health care. If you believe you have an emergency medical condition, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.


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Healing Minds, Improving Lives with knowledge, skills and resources.