AIA offers Community and Therapeutic Services that include but are not limited to:
LOVE Experience (6th-8th Grades)
LIFE Experience (9th-12th Grades)

Community Programs that teach you self-love, personal values, positive self-talk, life skills and more.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for children and adolescents, Counselors meet with youth to work on specific therapeutic goals on weekly basis in the home, community, and at our office.

  • ► Parenting
  • ► Grief Counseling
  • ► Anger Management
  • ► Coping Skills
  • ► Conflict Management
  • ► Behavior Management
  • ► CPR Certifications
  • ► Financial Literacy
  • ► Computer Literacy
  • ► CPI (Nonviolent Crisis Prevention)
  • ► Meditation, Yoga & Mindfulness