Our mission is to equip families and communities with knowledge, skills and resources that will serve as a blueprint for their personal and professional growth and stability.

For over 20 years, our team has positively influenced the Baltimore City community by playing an active role in the development and facilitation of several community programs and initiatives. Over this time, our team has developed and managed schools and after school programs, enhanced the community’s knowledge of healthcare services, taught in the Baltimore City Public School System, and assisted the community through the facilitation of various rehabilitation programs. Our experience has allowed us to not only understand and relate to individuals from a variety of backgrounds, demographics and economic situations, but it also helped us to recognize that mental health and well-being must be given the proper attention and dedicated services.

This experience and attention to the needs of the community coupled with an understanding that we have to be MORE than our brothers’ keepers is what sets us apart.  Author, poet and psychologist Bonaro Overstreet said it best: “We are not ONLY our brother's keeper; in countless large and small ways, we are our brother's MAKER.”  We are committed to giving people the tools and support they need to MAKE themselves better.   It’s this passion and commitment we have for bettering individuals and families that drives us to deliver care, treatment and consistent support to the communities in which we serve.

Who We Are


To make mental health treatment more acceptable and more accessible in the communities in which we serve.


To build communities from the inside out.


Our values serve as benchmarks for success

  • Quality: We offer the best in service and treatment
  • Dedication: We are committed to the families, schools and communities we serve
  • Integrity: Our passion and caring for people and community extends into consistent, quality service
  • Collaboration: Partnership is the best way to ensure access to the best in accessible resources
  •  Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible and want to be held responsible for positively impacting the community